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Last Week was a bad week for me and very good friend passed away . So one of my Sacramento Associates Big Frank invited me to a day at the Gun Range . Sounds like fun to me . So after watching the Raiders Games and the 49er Game . I jumped into my Whip Black Beauty and Rolled to North Highlands Ca and The Gun Range .

The Gun Range has a large Parking Lot so I stashed my Whip there and Rolled in . My Associate Big Frank was waiting for me inside . He had already reserved a Lane and had the Targets and Ammo already . So we geared up and entered the 15 Lane Indoor Range . We Had lane 13 . Big Frank let me Shoot the Tools of His Trade . I had a Great Time. There were all kinds of Folks shooting away from Single Men , Family's and Women . It was a nice mix of Folks.

The Cool thing is you can shoot anything in there from 416 Barrett's , Shotguns , ARs , AKs and Handgun's. They allow Rapid Fire and Drawing from the Holster.

They Rent Guns to Shoot . They are a Full Service Gun store . They do PPTs and sell a multitude of Accessories.

The Range Is state of the art with automated Target retrieving and setting devices.

The Folks at the Gun Range are very nice and knowledgeable. All gun safety rules are Enforced.

The Gun Range is a Baller On A Budget Approved Establishment.

Eugene L. - Oakland, CA

Super friendly knowledgeable staff who seems to enjoy where they work. I know you've been to those gun shops where they talk down to you or are just there to sell with no real warmth.If you are one of those people enjoy FRIENDLY employees who want to help you find the right gun, COME HERE! Thank you guys for excellent service. We will be back!

Janet D. - San Jose, CA

This is the best indoor range I've ever been to. I like their retrieval system. It's accurate as far as distance. There is no guess work.

I'm a shooter who only needs an hour. Beyond that, it's wasting bullets unless you are still trying to get use to your hardware. Their price is an all you can shoot fee. This may be attractive to some, but would be nice if they had an hourly rate as well.

Customer service is great. They treat you with respect. Nice inventory as well. On my next visit, I would probably bring more than one pistol.

Gene B. - East Bay, CA

CCW Modifications can be done Tuesday – Saturday 9 am to 1:30 pm for $50.00.

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