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The best thing about the AERO Precision AR15 is that it is affordable. This budget friendly rifle is not only budget friendly, but it is also made high quality and features mil-spec accessories and parts that are made in America. This rifle comes ready to operate. Another benefit to owning one of these rifles is that you can easily make upgrades over time. You do not have to sacrifice quality in the way that the product is made in order to enjoy the high quality of an AR15. When you purchase an AERO Precision AR15, you are purchasing a rifle that you can have confidence in. This rifles are assembled by professional gunsmiths and are tested when they are made.



The AR15 comes with a number of features. First of all, it comes with a standard M4 upper receiver. The 16” NATO carbine length barrel comes with a 1:7 twist and contains a QPQ corrosion resistant finish. The finish eliminates the need to worry about rust. IT also has a 4150 chrome moly vanadium and an M4 profile. It comes with a Magpul MBUS rear sight and some models include a front sight as well. The AR15 also includes a standard M4 carbine handguard that contains a double heat shield. The AR 15 utilizes a carbine length gas system and has an A2 pinned front sight block. The muzzle of the gun is a standard A2 flash hider. The lower receiver comes with a flared mag well and an upper tension screw. The stock is a standard M4 and is collapsible. Individuals enjoy the comfort of a standard A2 pistol grip when holding their firearm.


Testing It Out

These guns are reliable and durable. They are made in order to last for a long time and to be easy for the owner to use. The AR15 is a good fit for anyone looking to purchase an affordable rifle.

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