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The SAIGA AK47 is a semi-automatic rifle that is created in Russia. This rifle is built utilizing a design that is the same as that of the omnipresent AK47 itself. SAIGA rifles are auto loading and provided rugged performance and quality. The AK 47 SAIGA uses a gas piston operating system that has been proven to work. The rifles provide an amount of reliability that remains unsurpassed in sporting packages. These guns are proficiently crafted using few internal parts and incorporating a hammer forged barrel into the design. These rifles have always provided an extreme amount of dependability, can continue to do so today. These rifles are not hard for the owner to operate. In fact, the rifle has controls that are user friendly. The SAIGA AK47 allows people to not only use the gun, but keep it well-maintained for many years. This means that people, regardless of their level of skill, can enjoy this gun for years.



There are many different features included with this gun. First of all, it contains a gas piston operating system. The 21” barrel of the gun is hammer forged and it can hold 10 rounds. The selector level is elongated and the charging handle is ergonomic. The gun also contains a front and rear sight. Both of these sights can be adjusted as need. Both the stock of the gun and the fore-end are synthetic. The AK 47 SAIGA contains sling attachment points and comes with a black finish. It also comes with a scope rail and weighs around eight and a half pounds.


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These rifles were created for those who enjoy hunting game that are extremely large or medium sized throughout different weather conditions and in a variety of different climates. There are many accessories that can be attached to the gun as well in order to increase the already outstanding performance.

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