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The WASR AK47 is a semi-automatic version of the Romanian military pistol known in the US as the Romy G. The WASR is not only relatively inexpensive but both durable and reliable as well. It can also be customized if you want. If you are a beginner, this gun is an excellent choice to get you started. However, the AK47 WASR is also versatile enough to be an excellent choice for someone well experienced in shooting these types of guns as well.



This gun contains a number of different features, all aimed at enhancing the durability of the gun and the experience of the individual that is using the gun. First of all, the 7.62 x 39 caliber gun comes with a stamped receiver and a 16.25” barrel. The inside of the barrel is lined with chrome as well and it has a 1:10” twist. The product also includes the AKM reliability that has become legendary.


The WASR AK47 contains a 30 round box magazine that can be removed to make reloading much easier. The black polymer pistol grip incorporated into the design includes that the user’s grip is comfortable and the gun can be easily maneuvered. It also comes with a slant brake and a bayonet lug. A side receiver scope mount is included in order to make it possible to mount a scope on the side of the rifle. The gun is around 34” in length and weighs much less than 8 pounds.


Testing It Out

This gun comes with everything new and old gun owners need. It is built to be extremely reliable and is easy for the user to control. The AK47 WASR is extremely durable as well. It is created in a way that is not only powerful but easy to control. This gun can be customized so that you can bring out a bit of your personality in the design and remains relatively inexpensive to purchase.

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