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A .416 Barrett is a centerfire rifle cartridge that was designed back in 2005. It is an alternative choose to the .50BMG choice for rifles that are long-range and high-power. It was designed in order to meet the request for a rifle/cartridge medium/heavy combination that was issued back in the end of 2004 by the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division. It is about 10.6x83mm in size.



The shape of the bullet was designed utilizing NACA low-supersonic-drag equations. It was created to be an improved version of the .50BMG cartridge that was being used in machine-guns and rifles. It can be compared to a wildcatted .50 BMG case, but shortened and necked down so that it can accept a .416 caliber projectile. The .416 and the .50BMG both have identical dimensions in the base. This means that if you want your rifle to use a .416 Barrett instead of a .50 BMG, all you have to do is swap the barrel. The first rifle to use this type of cartridge was the Barrett Model 99.


Now, many Barrett rifles are created to use the .416 bullet. Barret rifles are created to provide minimal recoil and most have a self-loading action. These rifles are created from steel in order to provide the maximum amount of durability and have many possible accessories included. They are carefully manufactured, tested, and then refined to provide individuals with a firearm that will never slow. There are also accessories and components that can be purchased separately for these rifles.


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Barrett rifles are created in order to ensure that the person using the firearm can easily maneuver the gun. These guns are highly efficient and are durable. They are going to last a long time. They are also extremely reliable and the inclusion of .416 caliber ensures that you are being provided with optimal firing performance.

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