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Basic (4 hour) Introduction to AR Platform

The AR-15 is based on the 7.62mm AR-10, designed by Eugene Stoner of the Fairchild ArmaLite corporation. The AR-15 was developed as a lighter, 5.56mm caliber version of the AR-10. The “AR” in AR-15 comes from the Armalite name and does not stand for ‘assault rifle’ as is commonly believed.

In this course, you will be instructed in the basic history, design, fundamentals, features, and function of the AR-15. You will be introduced as well to the basic tools and resources to build and repair the AR platform. In this class, you will receive safety instruction as to the handling, cleaning, shooting, and storage of the rifle, and finish the class with hands-on application on our range of what you have learned. Ammunition is additional and can be purchased at the retail counter. The range fee is included with the price of the class. Please bring your own firearm or you can rent one here at the range.

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AR Platform Overview

During the Introduction to the AR Platform, students will learn the ins and outs and is an excellent choice for enthusiasts and those that would like to know more about their firearm. Some of the features you should know before purchasing or attending the course are found below.

AR Overview

Are you looking to purchase your own AR-15? Whether you are buying one second-hand or from our shop, there are a few things you should know before committing to one firearm or another. The AR-15 design has been around for many years. There are also many manufacturers that produce a similar design. An AR-15 is a lightweight rifle that is popular to many for its power and accuracy. Questions to ask yourself before buying your new firearm can include:

Quality Control

If you are able to hold the gun before purchasing you may notice that some feel more of a higher quality than others. Some manufacturers don’t stick to the exact design derived from the AR-15 platform, though they try their best. The reason these particular firearms are so popular is their design. Does the manufacturer provide any guarantees that the firearm is free from any defects when leaving the factory? If not, be leery, a company should stand behind their work and warrant against issues that could be caused by a lack of quality control.


Seeing that a firearm is labeled Mil-Spec offers a greater reassurance as to its quality. But be leery if it is indeed the case. Some manufacturers may market a particular AR-15 as being a MIL-Spec, but it may only be a half-truth. Take a look at all the specifications to narrow down whether or not the rifle is in MIL-Spec. A cheaper unit that advertises simply the MIL-Spec label could be false. Remember you get what you pay for. Look to see if it is branded with 11595E Barrel Steel or 4150 steel. These are the tell-tale sign you are getting quality, as well as chrome, lined barrel

Gas System

AR-15s are available in three lengths/gas styles, and it is a personal preference as to which works for you and your shooting style. The two most common are rifle and carbine, and the mid-length system is also available The carbine has a more aggressive gas system. It is also considered reliable and accurate. However, this configuration experience breakage far sooner than a rifle. The rifle is the most reliable and the most popular option for those interested in buying into the AR platform. The rifle is available in 18 inch or 20-inch options.

The AR-15 is configurable, which is what makes it an excellent platform to begin with if you are looking for a rifle. Purchasing an older AR-15 and upgrading with the latest technology is one of the most seen practices within the platform for configuration and personalization.

Learn about the basics of the AR Platform here. For further inquiries, call (916) 972-1484 or email us TODAY!

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