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The first thing that is most definitely going to capture your attention as a gun lover is the overall appeal and design of this excellent gun. Regardless of whether you are a SIG or Beretta guy, the PX4 is one of the most enjoyable weapons to own. The Inox finishing elements are particularly convenient, and even though some people think they are a bit out of the ordinary, they bring a beautiful and elegant appeal to the gun.



First things first, the grip frame is made out of ubiquitous thermoplastic fiberglass. It comes with a rather standard rail as well as three inserts for the grip. Now, the .9 caliber is without a doubt a convenient option for a bag gun. The 17 rounds capacity is also rather convenient as this is an OK magazine to consider.


The entire slide of the gun is made out of stainless steel while the frame is made from the polymer as discussed above. It attributes for the overly light weight of 27.7 ounces. The overall length of the pistol is 7.55 inches while the barrel length is 4 inches. The double and single action contributes to an excellent shooting experience.


Test It Out

The BET PX4 is without a doubt a gun which requires quite a lot of attention. However, shooting it is truly a pleasure. Even though it’s rather short in length compared to other counterparts, the gun brings a lot of conveniences and meticulous firepower. However, before you proceed to purchase it, it is important to test it out. Do not hesitate to contact us and come to our venue to do so. It will provide you with an overall sensation of what it feels like to use the gun and will help you make up your mind.

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