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What You Should Know about Owning a Gun in California

The two most common reasons for owning a gun include keeping yourself and your family safe and being passionate about firearms. There are people who like to brag with their weapon collection. Regardless of your reason, it is vital to comply with gun laws and regulations for owning a gun. Let’s make an overview of […]

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Gun Laws Recap – What Changed in 2018?

Did you know that most people consider California gun laws restrictive, especially when compared to other states? For example, all guns must be registered and only the local sheriff decides on permit issuance. Constitutional and open carry is not allowed, but you are allowed to carry a weapon in a restaurant or state parks and […]

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Will California Tighten Its Gun Laws Again?

The State of California isn’t ignoring the rate of firearm suicides and mass shootings happening on its territory. The legislators joined forces and decided to implement over ten fresh restrictions that have the goal of tightening the gun laws. The interesting thing to mention is that some of the bills’ votes were close to being […]

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GUNS 101: The Beginner’s Guide – Part 2

How to Master Shooting Different Weapons Now that you know some shooting fundamentals, you are ready to learn how to shoot a gun. In this guide, you will discover ways of firing various weapons and what equipment you need to have with you at the shooting range. The Shooting Range Gear The crucial thing to […]

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GUNS 101: The Beginner’s Guide

If you still haven’t gone to a shooting range or had the chance to hold a gun, there is no need to be ashamed. However, there is a need to read our GUNS 101 – the Beginner’s guide so that you are ready for your first endeavor with firearms. What Are Guns and How Do […]

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Does the AB 1192 Measure Violate Equal Protection Rights?

An important piece of news comes for reserve officers in retirement across California as Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that allows them to keep so-called “large capacity” magazines. These magazines are not allowed to be in civilian ownership, but from Monday when the bill was signed into law, the retired officers will be allowed […]

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Come Celebrate The Gun Range’s 6th Anniversary

You’re Invited!! Join in on the celebration on June 30th, 2018 for The Gun Range six-year anniversary party! If you haven’t been to our indoor shooting range and retail shop, we are located at 3479 Orange Grove Ave. North Highlands, CA 95660. We’d like to thank our customers and show our continued appreciation for your […]

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