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The Gun Range Guide To Renting Guns

Here at The Gun Range, we offer a fantastic selection of firearms for both purchase and rent. Rental guns allows our customers to experience what precisely it feels like to load, shoot, and hold a “new to them” firearm. Because we have a wide variety of handguns and long guns, available from all the top […]

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New Proposed Changes to Gun Laws For Safer Schools

After the Florida shooting, much has been said about the need for stricter background checks when purchasing firearms and other laws to deter the mass worry that school shootings could happen again. United States President Donald Trump has called for a modification to gun laws that is more modest than his previous feelings on the […]

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The Must Know Handgun Maintenance Tips

Owning a firearm is more than just going out and shooting off a couple of rounds of ammo. Correctly caring for your handgun will ensure it functions properly, is reliable and last as long as you own it. A clean gun will work every time you need to use it, which is essential for those […]

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Gun Ownership: Background Checks Explained

When you want to purchase a gun, one topic can arise, and that is the background check. But why is this so important and what exactly does getting one done entail? Glad you asked. The need for a background check doesn’t apply to every situation when buying a firearm. For firearms purchased off the internet […]

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Top Rental Guns You Must Try

Here at The Gun Range, we have a wide selection of firearms available to rent. Our collection includes both handguns and long guns. At times it can be hard to decide, you might at some point want to try all of them! If you have already rented several handguns, making the switch to a rifle […]

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New Gun Laws for 2018 You Should Know

As we move into 2018, there have been many new changes to gun restriction laws that have come into effect. It is essential to stay abreast of the unique issues that have taken shape so that we can remain compliant with the law. Many gun owners are confused by the new regulations that have gone […]

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