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CCW Classes Placer County

Are you ready to apply for your Placer County CCW? Or perhaps you need to renew, or qualify for additional handguns?

At The Gun Range, gun classes are our specialty and we are prepared to help you navigate the sometimes confusing labyrinth of California state law. We offer both the eight hour initial qualification, and four hour renewal classes depending on your needs. We include the range fee and three firearm with each class.

Meet Our Lead Instructor

Michael Kennedy –

As a serious adult shooter, and having a professional training background, I was drawn to firearms instruction.  After about 6 years of training and certification in just about every shooting discipline, especially the higher-end NRA courses, I found a good home here at The Gun Range.

At The Gun Range the class structure is fun, safety oriented, and geared to everyone!  I’ve offered instruction to octogenarians who are just getting started all the way down to young children who are already pretty good shooters.  My goal is for our students to make progress by learning something new or challenging and then be able to apply what was learned.

As the Lead Firearms Instructor I only require one thing: come to class with a great attitude! We can help supply the firearms, and ammunition is available for purchase. When you’re ready to learn or to improve your existing skills, schedule a class at The Gun Range – we’ll have some fun together.

Company: The Gun Range
Title: Lead Instructor
Phone: 916-849-9770

Placer County CCW training is fairly straightforward. The initial eight hours of training will meet the training requirements for the license and will familiarize yourself with:

  • basic California law
  • safe gun handling techniques
  • proper shooting methods
  • live fire exercises
  • and will ensure you know the correct methods of handling your particular gun

Renewal classes focus on ensuring your gun handling and safety skills are fresh and relevant.

Upon completion, the certificate is good for up to one year, ensuring you have plenty of time to complete the CCW application. The cost for eight hour course is only $120 making it one of the best CCW training class deals in the entire state! If you need to renew, or simply add additional guns to your CCW permit, the process is even shorter and easier!


Why Train With The Gun Range?

Aside from our already low price for Placer County CCW training, we bring years of relevant, real world expertise to the table. We know that it can be difficult to meet the legal criteria to get your concealed carry permit, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your training is a smooth and simple process.

Our eight our course is a simple 9-5 proposition on a Saturday, ensuring that you won’t have to disrupt your regular work schedule to complete your training course. Once you arrive, our friendly and expert staff will make sure you have everything you need to successfully complete your course, and have plenty of ammo on hand for sale at reasonable prices if you need some.


What Should I Bring and Expect?

Well, as Michael said, bring your enthusiasm! But along with that, you’ll want to bring:

  • the handgun or handguns you wish to qualify with
  • at least two magazines or speedloaders per gun (many people like to train with the ammo they will carry, but any ammo you like will do)
  • the holster or holsters you plan to use, and
  • your own personal eye and hearing protection if you have a set you enjoy using.

While live fire exercises are perhaps the most fun part of any training course (who doesn’t like to shoot a gun?) we also cover the equally important parts of relevant California law, when lethal force is justifiable under the law, in depth firearms safety, and more. Owning and carrying a gun is a serious responsibility and requires serious training. We will help you navigate the complicated legal and political background of current California law, which leaves you a better informed, and more knowledgeable gun owner.

You owe it to yourself, your family and the people around you to make sure that you have taken the time to master your weapon, and are extremely familiar with the laws surrounding concealed carry and use of force. It is easy to find misinformation and bad advice online, and very hard to find truly valid and professional quality information. We take the guesswork out of learning law and safety through our highly trained and skilled training programs.

Our live fire section lets us not only see that you can safely handle a handgun, but also that you are accurate with it, and gives us the perfect time to teach you the safest way to carry and also guide you in improving your accuracy. Even a little one on one training can greatly improve your accuracy and gun handling skills, and prepare you to move on to the next level in shooting ability.


We work hard everyday to hone our own skills and to offer a safe, welcoming and welcoming facility. Our Placer County CCW training offers one of the finest values in the state for gun training, and is simply one of the many services we offer. We are a full service indoor range offering a safe, comfortable place to shoot, and a fine selection of top quality ammo.

Ready to go on to the next level? Find out why we are Sacramento’s premier indoor range and gun shop. We have an excellent selection of firearms for sale, or to rent and try out. Want to hone your skills or learn new ones? We have courses for tactical rifles, first time shooters, basic rifle marksmanship, home defense shooting, and can help you better understand the legal and political climate surrounding gun ownership, concealed carry and personal defense.

We hope that you make The Gun Range your next stop for gun training, firearms and ammo purchase, and all your advanced training needs. Our state of the art facilities and team of expert instructors is ready and waiting to help you with all your firearms and related training needs.


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