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CZ 455 22 LR


The CZ 455 is what you’ve been looking for to shoot .22 LR. The 455 model utilizes the receivers that were used in the CZ 452 into a common platform. When you combine this feature with the interchangeable barrel system that the CZ 455 comes with, you have a gun, unlike many others. You can easily change the stock configuration and the caliber of a CZ 4555. Accuracy is maintained through the adjustable trigger. Quality is maintained through the construction of the product and with the incorporation of the adjustable trigger, billet machined receiver and the hammer forged barrel. The CZ 455 also has an increased tolerance for accuracy and provides a smoother operation for the user.



This rifle is primarily created for the hunter and comes with a .22 LR chamber. The rate of twist for the CZ 455 is 1:16 and it has a detachable magazine capacity of five. There are no sights and the barrel is hammer forged. The gun is around 18 inches in length, with 20 inches of length being the barrel itself. The trigger is adjustable and it comes with a two-position safety.


The safety is included in order to prevent the occurrence of unwanted accidents. This product is durable, meaning that it can weather through a number of tough situations. The LR nature of the gun means that it can be used by both left and right handed individuals. In fact, this rifle is extremely versatile and can be used by a number of different individuals. It is also extremely reliable. You want a rifle that you can rely on to shoot when you pull the trigger and one you can rely on not to shoot if the safety is on.


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With the high-quality performance and accuracy of this rifle, you won’t regret the decision to take it into the woods on your next hunting adventure.

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