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CZ 75B 9MM


Now, for those of you who are gun aficionados, the CZ 75 B is going to make an impression. It is mainly due to its extended form. It is about one inch longer than the original model – the CS 75. It is going to provide you with additional support, and its main intention of the change is to provide higher accuracy and to extend the overall durability of the gun. There are reports which state that after 90,000 shot rounds the gun performs as good as new and that there are absolutely no malfunctions or need for replacing individual parts.



The 9×19 caliber makes it a significant and rather substantial gun to own. The CS 75B 9MM gun comes with a magazine capacity of 16 rounds which is a considerable amount. It comes with Tritium night sights, and it weighs approximately about 2.2 LBS. Furthermore, the rounds are stainless steel and limited edition. They designed the flats brushed which make the gun look particularly good. The 75B model feels better than the majority of the semi-automatic models that we have managed to get our hands. It’s something that you have to take into account as the style of the gun is more than convenient.


Test It Out

It’s not reasonable to buy a gun without trying it out first. It’s important to make sure that they would be able to handle everything as per the highest standards and that you get a feeling of what it is like to hold and shoot the gun. It is why you should not hesitate to give us a call and make sure that you come to our venue to try out the gun. If you do not like it, you can always find something more fit for your preferences in our shop.

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