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Sac. /Placer County CCW Re-Qualification Course 4 hour


Sac. /Placer County CCW Refresher Class
General information:
• 4 hour class
• Classroom instruction followed by a written test and range qualifications
• Guns and equipment should be brought in from cars
• If your gun is in the DROS process and is being held at The Gun Range, please check it out and bring it into the classroom with both magazines. Arrive early enough so that you are ready for the start time.
• Ammunition will be stored in an office adjacent to the classroom
• If you have not previously shot at The Gun Range, please complete and sign the waiver that you will find on clipboards at the counter. As well, read the rules and sign in the small binder on the counter.
• Class includes qualification on one gun; if you are qualifying with 2 or 5 guns, please pay the $10 fee/per gun at the register and show the receipt to the instructor
• Prior to class, review the qualification course of fire on the FAQ sheet of The Gun Range web-site
• If shooting with a revolver, a speed loader IS REQUIRED in order to meet qualifications standards
• Be sure to stop at the tables in the entry area to have the guns checked for being unloaded. If you enter the range with your carry gun loaded and holstered, you will be asked to clear your firearm in the range prior to the start of class. At the end of the course and qualifications, if you wish to carry while leaving the range, be sure to reload and holster while on the range (tell the instructor).
• Review the qualification course of fire on the FAQ sheet of The Gun Range web-site
• Gun(s) for qualifying
• 50 rounds ammunition per gun for qualifications
• Holster REQUIRED (no older style ‘serpa’ type holsters that have a button to depress when drawing; newer models are acceptable)
• In the waistband holster is ok as long as it is secured to a belt
• 2 Mags required
• Pocket carry holsters are not recommended in the qualification process
• Secure belt (men and women) or a way for the holster to be secured when drawing
• Closed toed shoes
• High neck clothing (to keep brass from going down your shirts)
• Speed loader (unless you are very adept at loading your magazines)
• Speed loader for revolver REQUIRED in order to qualify
• Eye/Ear protection
• Must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the handling and functions of your handgun
• Notebook/Paper/Pen - note taking highly recommended!
The range fee is included in the price of the class. ALL firearms included up to 3.

Sam Yohannes - Instructor

Company: The Gun Range
Title: Instructor

Price: $100.00

Start Time: 1:00 pm
End Time: 5:00 pm

Date: December 13, 2018

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