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Intermediate Shooting
General Information:
• 3 hour class
• Basic pistol or equivalent training is a prerequisite requirement
• About 30 minutes of dry fire work; remainder of time is range work
• Be sure to stop at the tables in the entry area to have the guns checked for being unloaded.
• If you have not previously shot at The Gun Range, please complete and sign the waiver that you will find on clipboards at the counter. As well, read the rules and sign in the small binder on the counter.
• Your own gun (revolver or semi-automatic) is required
• Two (or three) magazines for a semi-automatic
• Speed loader for revolver (REQUIRED) - two are preferred
• About 200 rounds of ammunition
• Holster
• Secure belt
• Eye/ear protection

Sam Yohannes - Instructor

Company: The Gun Range
Title: Instructor

Price: $80.00

Start Time: 5:00 pm
End Time: 8:00 pm

Date: January 10, 2019

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