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Basic Pistol / Revolver Marksmanship


Basic Pistol/Revolver Marksmanship
General information:
• 3 hour class (sometimes we will run over by 15-20 minutes depending on the level of training and needs of students)
• About 1.5 hrs of classroom time; 1.5 hours of range time
• If you come with your own gun(s), be sure to stop at the tables in the entry area to have the guns checked for being unloaded.
• If you have not previously shot at The Gun Range, please complete and sign the waiver that you will find on clipboards at the counter. As well, read the rules and sign in the small binder on the counter.
• Once guns are cleared and waivers signed, please come to the classroom.
• Students can bring their own handguns (revolvers or semi-automatics)
• Students may rent from The Gun Range (this will be done during a break)
• 50 rounds of ammunition (ammunition will be stored in an office adjacent to the classroom)
• Eye/ear protection
• Paper/Pen
The range fee is included with the price of the class. Please bring your own firearm or you can rent one here at the range. Ammo is available for purchase as well.

Sam Yohannes - Instructor

CCW certified for Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado, Yolo counties

Company: The Gun Range
Title: Instructor

Price: $80.00

Start Time: 5:00 pm
End Time: 8:00 pm

Date: December 19, 2019

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