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This 3 hour course picks up where the Basic Pistol course left off.

You will learn to:

  • This class will emphasize stance, sight, picture, grip, breathing, trigger control, shot placement and grouping
  • How to perform various reloading methods, clear different types of malfunctions, and be more accurate with the shots you fire
  • Proper presentation from your holster and shoot using both a two handed ‘supported’ and one handed ‘unsupported’ grip

Requirements for Intermediate Pistol:

  • Completion of the Basic Pistol class or proof of equivalent training
  • Must have a good strong side holster (IWB or OWB) (NO cross draw, ankle, small of back or Blackhawk Serpa holsters allowed)
  • At least two magazines per gun (or speed loaders for revolvers)
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition per handgun


Michael Kennedy - Lead Instructor

Michael is a much sought-after, experienced trainer with a relaxed, practical and enjoyable teaching style. You won't find any 'tough guy' Rambo-style attitude here.

Michael is a Certified Training Counselor with the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), a certified instructor with the National Rifle Association (NRA), and is a certified California DOJ Instructor.

He holds certifications for the:

  • USCCA Basic Pistol
  • NRA First Steps program
  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • NRA Personal Protection in the Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home.

What sets Michael apart from so many instructors is his personal commitment to further his own training. Michael takes his development seriously and is a competitive pistol shooter who actively participates in both local and regional IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) matches.

He also believes in developing the 'craft' of firearms skills and marksmanship and holds current certifications in many advanced pistol classes, advanced tactical shotgun classes, and advanced carbine classes.

Michael offers classes for all levels, including courses for:

  • Basic Pistol - for all ages and experience
  • Intermediate Pistol - Learn better self-defense skills
  • Advanced Pistol - Learn how to build self-defense speed
  • Carry With Confidence - CCW emphasis, carry like a pro!
  • Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) courses for Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado and Yolo Counties

Company: The Gun Range
Title: Lead Instructor
Phone: 916-849-9770

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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