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Four Essential Components of Every Shooter’s Gear


If you believe that a weapon is everything you need to become a shooter, you are wrong. Having proper equipment is almost equally important as having the ideal firearm for your needs. Let’s take a look at what are some basic parts of shooting gear you should have.

Range Bag

You might think it is weird we are listing the bag first, but this is an incredibly convenient way of packing your entire shooting equipment, including firearms, reloading supplies, maintenance tools, and so on. When it comes to picking the right bag, you should make sure that it has plenty of space for all your things, as well as that it is easy for transport.


Aside from weapons, this is an absolutely essential part of every shooting gear. Make sure to find a suitable option for your firearm. You should never go with the cheapest option, but if you are heading for some practice shooting at the range, there is no need to choose the most expensive ammunition either.

Maintaining Your Weapons

You need to make sure that everything related to your weapons works smoothly, which is why you need a cleaning kit. You will use most of this kit to clean your firearms at home, but there are also portable cleaning packs that may help while you are at the range.

Eye and Ear Protection

This is a mandatory part of the shooting equipment for most of the ranges. Some facilities, such as The Gun Range, offer to rent both eye and ear protection. If you prefer bringing your own earplugs and glasses, you are welcome to do that. However, make sure that you actually have something to protect your eyes and not just a pair of sunglasses. When it comes to ear protection, consider combining muffs and plugs for increased safety.

Other Things

Let’s take a look at what else you can pack in your shooting bag:

  • Targets – if you are heading outdoors for a shooting session, you will need targets. You are also welcome to bring them to the range if you do not want to use the ones provided there
  • Holster – if you have a handgun and want to exercise drawing it, the holster can be an excellent addition to your gear
  • Shooting mat – in case you want to shoot in the prone position. If you are a fan of versatility, look for shooting bags that can be turned into mats
  • Handgun case – it is an elegant way to pack your weapon
  • First aid kit – you can never be too careful and ready for unpredictable events

How to Get Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW) Permit?

As expected, the Sac CCW permit requests are handled by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. If you are looking for a new permit, you need to pass a training course. You should also keep in mind that the maximum number of weapons you can ask the permit is set at three. The renewals are handled every two years and require a refresher course. You can get more information about the issue at the official Sheriff’s Department website.


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