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Glock 17


The Glock 17 is not a weapon that is built for new users, but is designed specifically for professionals. It had the needs of police, security, and military in mind, each feature helping them conduct their jobs. Not many weapons are able to have the power and the reliability that is needed to ensure high pressure, life and death situations. You can only trust the most dependent gun, and brand, to protect your life. Every feature of this gun, from it’s size to it’s caliber is designed to help ensure that when your life in on the line, you will make it through.



One of the main features of this weapon, which makes it so uniquely suited for police and military usage, is the 17 rounds standard magazine. This is much higher than most other weapons. The optional magazines include a smaller size of 10 rounds, and a larger magazine of 33 rounds. In terms of safety measures, the main feature is the safe action system. With this, the gun will not fire unless the trigger has been completely depressed, which requires a force of about 5.5 pounds. It is efficient, without being unnecessarily dangerous when not in use.


Try It Before You Buy It

With a gun as powerful as this one, you are going to want to test it before you buy it. Depending on your skill with the gun, and your exact needs for it, you want to ensure that it is right for you. You can rent the gun for a test run at The Gun Range in Sacramento, testing the Glock 17’s true power before committing yourself to its purchase. If you find that you love it, you can buy it from The Gun Range as well!

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