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Glock 19


Glock is one of the most recognizable gun brands in the world, offering guns to suit every need that you could possible have for your firearm. However, for the Glock 19, more specific roles were in mind. The Glock 19 is one of the guns specifically designed for private and public security. Whether for the police or for a citizen’s private home defense, the versatility of the gun in combination with it’s smaller, more manageable size makes it the perfect protection piece for you and your family.



The Glock 19 uses a 9 mm caliber round, with a safe double action system. The safe action system means that the gun will not go off unless the trigger has been completely pressed down, which prevents accidental shots, and is the main additional safety feature of the gun. The standard magazine capacity is 15, but other optional capacities include 10, 17, and 33. It measures out to be 7.36 inches long, and 23.65 ounces when unloaded. The trigger pull is about 5.5 pounds, which is fairly standard for this type of gun. It is designed to be as effective as the well known Glock 17, but is much smaller, which makes it more desirable as a concealed carry weapon.


Testing It Out

This gun is most commonly used for protection purposes, and is a common gun of choice for police and military. As such, it is important to try the weapon out for yourself, and anyone who may reasonably use this gun. If you are purchasing it for your home protection, you can bring your adult family members to try the gun at The Gun Range, ensuring that it works not only for you, but for your family as well. You can rent the gun for testing at the range, and then purchase it if you find that it suits your needs.

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