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Glock 21


When you buy a gun, you want one that is going to withstand all of the conditions that you will use it under. This means being reliable under heavy or light usage, as well as being able to work dependently when placed in adverse conditions, from wind, rain, snow or shine. Hands down, one of the top reliable guns for this kind of adversity is the Glock 21. It’s light weight and easily concealable, but can withstand anything that you put it up against. It is rugged and well-suited for even the most heavy duty users.



One of the most well respected guns in the industry for accuracy, size, and control, is the Glock 21. Why? Because it comes with the power of the .45 auto, but with the size of a smaller, concealed weapon. It has a standard magazine of 13 rounds, which can be more than enough. It weighs only 29.84 when unloaded, and measures out to 8.22 inches. It has enough power for police to regularly rely on it to protect their lives, and those in the community, but is light enough to be easily taken with them wherever they need to go.


Testing It Out

This gun is most commonly used for protection purposes, and is a common gun of choice for police and military. As such, it is important to try the weapon out for yourself, and anyone who may reasonably use this gun. If you are purchasing it for your home protection, you can bring your adult family members to try the gun at The Gun Range, ensuring that it works not only for you, but for your family as well. You can rent the gun for testing at the range, and then purchase it if you find that it suits your needs.

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