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Glock 22


The Glock 22 was first introduced to the public in 1990, and has been popular every since. It’s primary purpose was to bridge the gap between the heavier, more intense .45 Auto, and the more internationally popular and proven 9×19. The goal with this weapon was to create a gun that would be suitable for law enforcement as a daily, reliable, and dependent weapon. For those who are looking for something for home defense, or to add an additional weapon to their collection, the 22 is built to give you piece of mind when you need it the most.



The 22 uses a .40 caliber bullet, which will certainly make its presence known when fired. The standard magazine hold 15 rounds, but other options include 10 and 22 rounds. This gives you plenty of ammo when you use this gun. It’s total length measures out to be 8.03 inches long, with a total weight of 25.59 ounces when unloaded. It is not the biggest gun, but it is large enough to be intimidating if you are on the wrong side of it. Glock’s reliable safe action system prevents accidental firings which can harm you and those around you. Without the 5.5 pounds of pressure placed on the trigger to completely depress the trigger, the gun cannot go off.


The Gun Range

You can come to The Gun Range to try this gun, and many others, for a low price. You can rent this gun for use on the range, testing it’s firing power, strength, and uses. If you like it, you can purchase it then and there, according to local laws. If it ends up not living up to your needs, you can try one of other our numerous guns, and use the expertise of the staff to find the right gun for your needs.

Call (916) 972-1484 for more info​.

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