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Glock 23


If you are on the market for a gun that will serve you for both open carry as well as concealed carry, the Glock 23 is a gun that you should be looking at. It packs maximum power with minimum weight, while at the same time being durable enough to be one of the top guns used in law enforcement agencies across the country. No matter what the conditions are, the Glock 23 is ready to perform.



The official police weapon of cities and states across the country uses a .40 caliber bullet, with the safe action system that is common amongst Glocks. The safe action system ensures that the gun does not go off unless the trigger has been completely pressed. This security feature has made accidentally firings much less common. The trigger pull is 5.5 pounds, which is enough for accidental pulls to be virtually impossible. It measures out to be 7.39 inches long in total, and weights 23.65 ounces when it is not loaded. Magazines can hold 13 for standard capacity, but optional capacities include 10, 15, and 22.


Shoot It Out At The Gun Range

The Gun Range has one of the largest variety of guns that are available for both rental and purchase, from some of the largest brands in the world, including the Glock 23. You can try out this gun and any others that you have on your wish list. Our expert staff will help you find the perfect gun for you and your needs. You promise 100% satisfaction each and every time.

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