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Glock 27


The market for subcompact pistols is highly competitive, but the only gun that low enforcement agencies have consistently turned to is the Glock 27. This is not a complex gun that will have you worried each and every time you use it. It has exactly what you need, and nothing more. It is small, yet powerful, and light, yet accurate. It is one of the highest rated backup pistols for police agencies around the country, which makes it perfect for personal defense and home defense. Thanks to Glock’s innovative designs, it is also one of the safest guns on the market as well, only adding to the overall appeal of the gun.



The Glock 27 uses a .40 caliber round, with safe action technology that prevents the gun from being fired unless the 5.5 pound trigger pull has been completed depressed. This is extremely helpful in preventing accidental firings. It weighs only 21.89 ounces when unloaded, and measures 6.49 inches in total, with 3.42 inches of that consisting of the barrel. The standard magazine capacity is 9, but can be upgraded to hold either 13, 15, or 22 rounds. It is the perfect gun for home defense, or for those who want to carry a concealed weapon.


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