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Glock 30SF


What separates the Glock 30SF from every other gun on the market is it’s insane ability to be a compact gun that at the same time having the ballistic strength of a big-bore caliber. It seems as if this combination is impossible, but the Glock 30SF is proof that it does. It is the preferred weapon of choice for security guards, plain clothes officers, and private security firms around the world. It also makes an excellent gun for those who want a gun for concealed carry, or even open carry. It is also a smart choice for those who are looking for the perfect home defense weapon.



The Glock 30SF has a simple operation, which makes it perfect for those who are new to gun ownership, or for those who find themselves in need of an easy to use yet powerful gun. The back strap of the gun has been reduced, so that it is more comfortable in the hand, as well as easier to control when fired. This also makes it easier for those with smaller hands to use the gun. It’s safe action security system ensures that only when you place the 5.5 pounds of pressure on the trigger to completely depress it, will it fire.


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If you want more information on this weapon, or want to test this pistol, visit The Gun Range. We offer the highest quality service, and can help you choose the right gun for you. Our expert knowledge can pinpoint the guns that are going to serve you in the best ways. You can rent this gun and as many others as you would like to get a feel for how they work and their capabilities. When you find a gun that you like, we can help you purchase the gun as well.

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