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Glock 34


The Glock 34 has come out as one of the most innovative new guns on the market, completely revolutionizing the firearm industry. These changes were aimed at creating a gun that was increasingly customizable to the user, making it more accessible for those with differing grips, sights, and other needs from their gun. The material which forms the gun is state of the art, meant to help you achieve a more accurate shot, while maintaining a long-lasting and durable gun. Above all else, this gun is going to be able to withstand everything that you need it to, while giving you everything that you need out of a gun.



In order to accommodate people with varying grip sizes, the Glock 34 comes with a Modular Back Strap, that allows the user to change the grip to suit the needs of the current user. It is easy to change back and forth, if this gun is to be shared. The frame of the gun remains solid, and strong stainless steel, but the exterior of the gun is made out of a new scientifically designed textured technology which increases shooter accuracy and increases service life. The dual recoil is designed to prolong the life of the gun as well, giving you the most gun for your money.


Try It Before You Buy It

With a gun as powerful as this one, you are going to want to test it before you buy it. Depending on your skill with the gun, and your exact needs for it, you want to ensure that it is right for you. You can rent the gun for a test run at The Gun Range in Sacramento, testing the Glock 34’s true power before committing yourself to its purchase. If you find that you love it, you can buy it from The Gun Range as well!

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