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Glock 36


If you want to buy a low profile gun, that is easy to use, and fits into the hands of almost anyone, then the Glock 36 is probably for you. It utilizes Glock’s SLIMLINE design principles, which values a smaller, easy to use model for it’s guns. While it is smaller than most guns, the 36’s power makes it a powerful gun, and tough to face for those on the wrong side of it.



One of the hardest aspects of getting used to a new gun is the recoil. All guns have a different recoil that users have to get used to if they want accurate and safe shooting. Thanks to the slim 1.13 inch width of the Glock 36, there is minimal recoil, so even the newest users can handle and control it. It holds 6 rounds of .45 caliber bullets, with auto stopping power. It’s safe action ensures that only if you have completely pressed the 5.5 pounds of pressure necessary for the trigger will the gun actually go off.


The Gun Range

You can come to The Gun Range to try this gun, and many others, for a low price. You can rent this gun for use on the range, testing it’s firing power, strength, and uses. If you like it, you can purchase it then and there, according to local laws. If it ends up not living up to your needs, you can try one of other our numerous guns, and use the expertise of the staff to find the right gun for your needs.

Call (916) 972-1484 for more info​.

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