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Gun Laws Recap – What Changed in 2018?

Did you know that most people consider California gun laws restrictive, especially when compared to other states? For example, all guns must be registered and only the local sheriff decides on permit issuance. Constitutional and open carry is not allowed, but you are allowed to carry a weapon in a restaurant or state parks and forests.

It is believed that there are around 92,000 active CCW licenses in California. This permit is valid for two years and you need to be at least 21 years old to apply. The legislators also seem like they are relentlessly working on modifying the gun laws and it may be hard to keep track.

Two Black Assault Rifles, Knife, and BulletsWhen it comes to changes that happened in 2018, one of the biggest ones is related to assault rifles. You cannot buy one in California now, but it is still legal to own it as long as it is registered. Also, if you are buying ammo online, you need to have it sent to an authorized vendor and collect it from there.

No Buying Weapons If You Are Under 21

The news about the mass shooting in Florida and 17 people killed by a 19-year old Nikolas Cruz had an effect on a national level. This is what motivated Anthony Portantino, California state senator and a Democrat, to propose a bill that would keep those under 21 from buying firearms in this state. The only exceptions are law enforcement and military members, as well as hunters.

Governor Jerry Brown signed this bill, as well as the one that allows bans for life in some cases of domestic violence. Additionally, if you visited a psychiatric facility involuntarily, you will be banned to own a gun for five years before the law allows you to ask the court to return your weapon.

According to Portantino, the purpose of these changes was to limit the accessibility of weapons to young people without proper training. However, the National Rifle Association doesn’t believe this is the right move.

“It seems that the new bills aim only those citizens that already abide the law and this is not the first time that is happening,” said Amy Hunter, the spokeswomen of NRA.

How to Obtain and Renew Your CCW

CCW is an abbreviation for carrying a concealed weapon and, as the name suggests, this license allows you to carry a gun with you. However, if you want to obtain this license, you will need to complete a 16-hour California CCW Course. The Gun Range holds those courses in Sacramento County and they are led by a certified and experienced instructor.

You can also apply for a Sacramento/Placer County re-qualification course which takes four hours, but it is also mandatory if you want to renew your CCW. Please note that it is smart to submit a renewal request at least 30 days before your license is scheduled to expire.

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