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Gun Rights Groups are Prepared for California’s New Proposition 63

The So-Called “Safety For All” Bill

During the 2016 election, many things changed for the American people, as they elected Donald J. Trump as their next president. While Mr. Trump is an avid guns rights activist, California has passed Proposition 63, which has been created by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom as a so-called “Safety for All” bill, and has severely limited the rights of new gun owners. It’s questionable laws are difficult for many gun owners to accept, but with the new President-elect Donald Trump, many are hoping that the shaky gun laws are removed.


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What You Need to Know About Prop 63

Regardless of what President-elect Trump and the Republican congress and senate may do once they have the opportunity, it will be a time-consuming process before any real action can be taken, or for gun owners to be able to ignore the law. Until that time, California gun owners have to obey the law. There are several main components that gun owners should be aware of as we enter the new year:

  • Expanded background checks when purchasing ammunition and magazines
  • Licensing for those selling ammunition
  • Ban of large-capacity ammunition magazines

What This Means for You

These new laws are highly restrictive for gun owners, and those who sell guns and ammunition. Expanded background checks are going to mean that the process of getting more ammunition or magazines are going to take more time, and be more of a headache as they always are. For those who sell guns, you are used to having to get licensed for it. However, now you have to get a license before you are able to sell ammo to gun owners. Finally, the ban on large-capacity magazines means that you cannot purchase magazines with rounds larger than 10 rounds, which severely limits gun owners.


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What is Being Done About It?

If you feel constricted by these new laws, you are not alone. In fact, a growing number of people are questioning the constitutional validity of gun laws like prop 63. Attorney and president of the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), Chuck Michel, is proudly fighting for the rights of California gun owners, and promises that now that Donald Trump is elected, gun owners can get a fair hearing in court, and hopefully repeal these unconstitutional laws, and bring back the freedoms of the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Until Then, The Gun Range Can Help

Until we get to the point were these laws are repealed, we must follow the law. At The Gun Range, we follow of the current laws, and can help our customers adjust to the new laws. If you have any questions about how you can follow the new prop 63, or the changes that are made to The Gun Range in order to follow these laws, feel free to come into the store and start a conversation. We promise to help you with all of your gun related needs.

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