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GUNS 101: The Beginner’s Guide – Part 2

How to Master Shooting Different Weapons

Now that you know some shooting fundamentals, you are ready to learn how to shoot a gun. In this guide, you will discover ways of firing various weapons and what equipment you need to have with you at the shooting range.

The Shooting Range Gear

The crucial thing to have is eye and ear protection, but this is something that you can rent at the range. The same goes for guns and ammo, but if you are a beginner, we recommend getting newbie-appropriate targets. These should be bright, such as the Shoot-N-C targets, as they make it easy to see when and where you hit them. Alternatively, you can also use bleeding targets for added experience. Experts can take their own portable cleaning kits, ammo cans, loaders, shooting belts, or holsters.

hen it comes to behaving at the range, make sure to stick to the basic gun safety rules, including treating every firearm as if it were loaded and never point it at anything you are not willing to destroy. You should also listen to the range officer and their instructions carefully.

How to Shoot Different Weapons

Handgun Pistol

First, your grip needs to be strong to decrease non-trigger fingers movement and contain recoil. The finger on the trigger and the thumb should form a web as high as possible.


Handgun pistol grip

Make sure that your forearm is lined with the movement of the slide.


45 Degree Angle Handgun Grip

Use your other hand to fill the empty grip space completely. If you open your non-dominant hand, you should make a 45-degree angle.

Find the best placement for your thumb and trigger finger

Find the best placement for your thumb and trigger finger. This can vary from one person to another.

Pull trigger slowly

Make sure to pull the trigger slowly and with patience. The pistol should surprise you when it fires to prevent instinctive flinches to mitigate recoil.


Load revolver

The first thing to do is to load a revolver. Most cylinders will have six chambers and you should place a round in each of them.


Place your feet shoulder wide to achieve proper balance and maintaining it when recoil happens. Put your dominant hand around the handle. If you put it high, the recoil will push the gun to the back, while lower positions push it more up.

Put your non-dominant hand around the dominant one as support.

Make sure that your elbows are straight and bring up the revolver. If you use a single-action revolver, pull the hammer back to cock the firearm.

Place your finger on the trigger. Take time to steady your breathing and aim.

Pull the trigger finger gently until the weapon fires.


Once you load the rifle, you can choose between several positions, including standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone position. We will focus on the standing position. The hip of your non-dominant hand should be facing the target.

Feet placed at the width shoulders

Your feet should be placed at the width of your shoulders. The elbow of your non-shooting arm is right beneath the barrel. The shooting elbow should be up and level. Make sure to stand up straight and do not lean back.

Aim carefully

Aim carefully, but do not take too much time if the rile is heavy. Pull the trigger and fire.


Shotgun proper gripping

Place your non-dominant hand on the fore-grip and the shooting hand on the standard grip.

Put firearm on shoulder pocket

Feet should be shoulder wide and knees slightly bent. If you want to contain recoil, lean a bit forward. Put the firearm in your shoulder pocket. This is vital to do to avoid the weapon hitting you when you fire. Aim carefully and shoot.

How to Improve Your Shooting

These were just the basics, but there are extra tips you can use to become better at shooting. Here are some things you can do:

  • Dry fire your weapon at home – clear your firearm and simulate firing without actually doing it
  • Use shot timers to become faster or spotting scopes to aim better
  • Practice shooting on the move without thinking too much about the moving part
  • Make sure you have a strong foundation and a proper shooting stance
  • Always maintain a strong grip and slowly pull the trigger
  • Steady your breathing and focus on the front sight
  • Practice, practice, practice

Image Credits: WikiHow


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