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How to Properly Reload Your Ammo

There are many things that an individual should know when owning a fire arm. Reloading your ammo can save you money and ensure that you have bullets when you need them. Regardless of how you are acquiring your empty shells, you should consider purchasing the correct supplies that is needed to complete the job. Here are some basic things you should know about reloading ammo.


Clean It

The first thing you want to do when reloading your ammo is ensure that the casing is clean. This means that you need to check and ensure that the casing is free from any type of defect. If you notice a casing that is cracked or contains extreme bulges and dents. You also want to make sure that you throw out any casing that may have a deformed primer. This indicates that there was a lot of pressure on the casing when it was fired. You can purchase empty casing and skip having to clean out old ones. Once you have cleaned it, you should take a cloth and rub the inner part of the case. Then you want to make sure that you apply lubricant to the casing as well.

Ready the Supplies

For this step, you are going to need to gather the freshly clean casings. You also need to find bullets that are the same size as your empty shells and powder that is appropriate for the size of the shell. You need to find some primer as well. Once you have finished gathering all the supplies you will need to assemble the casings, you can move to the next step. Many of these items can be located at The Gun Range reloading supplies.

Get Rid of Primers that Have Been Spent

Put each case inside of the loading press. You want to make sure that the handle on the press is up. Once you have inserted the case, lower the handle to change the size of the case and to remove the primer that has been fired. Once his is done, simply pull the handle back up and remove the case. Then you need place it inside of a reloading tray. You want to complete this process for all your empty shells. Depending on the type of press you have, you may be able to do more than one case at a time.

Insert Primer

Next, you are going to want to place a new primer inside of the case. First, make sure the handle is moved to the highest position it can be. Then you want to place a new primer inside of the cup located in the primer arm. Make sure that you place a case and push into the ram slot. This will lower the case to the primer.


Different weights and types of powder is required for different types of shells. You want to make sure that the powder you are using matches the type of shell you have acquired. Once you have done this, begin reloading the casing with the right amount of powder using a funnel. Any access should be discarded.

Seat It

The bullet is pushed to the correct depth in the case and the shell is crimped by the seating die. You want to place a casing inside the shell holder and lower the press handle. Once the handle has been lowered, make sure that you secure the handle using the lock ring.


Finally, you want to make sure that you are lubricating any of the shell loaders with gun oil. You want to ensure that you apply the gun oil to both your dies and your ram after the ammo has been reloaded. Once this is completed, you should place your ammo in some type of cartridge box for safekeeping and store it in a location that is dry and cool.

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