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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Shooting Ranges: Know the Difference

When trying to find a shooting range, you may run across two different types. There are outdoor and indoor ranges. Knowing if an outdoor or indoor range is best is a matter of personal preference. Some enjoy being able to practice outside in the fresh air while others want the comfort and convenience and indoor facility provides. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Knowing the good and bad of each type can assist as you find the one you want to go to. Consider everything before deciding to ensure which is right for you. The following factors are important when selecting a shooting range.


First, when looking for a shooting range; make sure that you conduct appropriate research. You need knowledge to enjoy your experience at the shooting range. You also want to know that you are supported and feel comfortable in the environment provided. You also want to know if you have met the requirements to use the facility. You can save yourself money and time if you have done research before deciding on a facility. Consider creating a list of what amenities and features you prefer before looking into facilities. This helps maintain focus on what is most important to you.


When selecting a shooting range; the weather is a major consideration. Indoor shooting ranges provide an advantage when it comes to weather. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions (extreme heat, rain, storms, etc.) an indoor shooting range eliminates this concern. The temperature is consistent in an indoor range, and you can be comfortable regardless of the conditions outside the facility. Fog and wind also have no effect on your vision or the bullet’s path when you use an indoor range. If you are trying to judge the accuracy of a bullet; it is easier to do at an indoor facility.

Many love being outside. Numerous times; those who love outside tending to lean toward an outdoor shooting range. If you love hunting or outdoor activities; you may prefer the fresh air and open area provided by the outdoor range. If you like the additional challenges the outdoor climate provides; you may enjoy an outdoor range more than an indoor facility. Many indoor facilities can simulate some of these conditions in a controlled environment; so that is also something to take under consideration.

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If you live in a city with a lot of people, it may take a while to travel to an outdoor range. Sometimes, it may be several hours before you can make the journey to an outdoor range. Indoor ranges are more common in cities and populated areas and are easier to get to. This provides people with the opportunity to practice without having to drive for hours. Instead of having to find time to make the journey; you can schedule practice time like you would if you were going to the gym. Outdoor ranges are not centrally located but can provide an escape for those who want to escape the city. If you have the time to make the trip to an outdoor range and do not want to be around a crowd; an outdoor range can be the perfect escape. It is important to check the schedule before making the drive because some outdoor ranges will close in certain weather conditions.


Indoor ranges can be limited in the type of bullets a person can use. Normally, this is because of safety. Certain bullets or larger guns need more space. Without the additional space; more hazards and injuries can occur. Indoor ranges with newer and more up-to-date equipment are less likely to have these restrictions and have the ability to allow for more diversity in the type of allowable shooting practice. Outdoor ranges are typically more diverse in what they can allow. They have more open space and may have more types of targets available.


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