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Michael Kennedy Video

Michael Kennedy

As a serious adult shooter, and having a professional training background, I was drawn to firearms instruction.  After about 6 years of training and certification in just about every shooting discipline, especially the higher-end NRA courses, I found a good home here at The Gun Range. 
At The Gun Range the class structure is fun, safety oriented, and geared to everyone!  I’ve offered instruction to octogenarians who are just getting started all the way down to young children who are already pretty good shooters.  My goal is for our students to make progress by learning something new or challenging and then be able to apply what was learned.
As the Lead Firearms Instructor I only require one thing: come to class with a great attitude! We can help supply the firearms, and ammunition is available for purchase. When you’re ready to learn or to improve your existing skills, schedule a class at The Gun Range - we’ll have some fun together.


Company: The Gun Range
Title: Lead Instructor
Phone: 916-849-9770



Debbie MacDonald Video

Debbie MacDonald

With a background in education, teaching at The Gun Range comes naturally for me.  The content of the course work has changed; the principles of instruction remain steady.  Personal safety is of great concern and interest for me.  To combine these interests and skills, I pursued my own personal training in the safe and effective handling of handguns.  As a result, I started two chapters of “The Well Armed Woman” and pursued NRA certifications which allow be in be an instructor.  My focus for instruction is centered on Basic Pistol/Revolver Marksmanship, Self Defense in the Home, Concealed Carry (Sacramento County), and specific classes for women only as they learn about handguns and self protection.  A student in my class can expect to leave with a knowledge of handguns (both semi-automatic and revolvers), universal safety rules in handling a firearm,  the fundamentals of shooting (including proper stance, grip, site alignment, trigger press, follow-through).  The concealed carry class is more in depth, with information presented that is specific to carrying outside the home.  Additionally, individuals desiring more 1:1 work can take advantage of coaching sessions after having taken a class.  I look forward to working with you.


Company: The Gun Range
Title: Instructor
Phone: 916-426-6576



Jodi Rentzel Video

Jodi Rentzel

I graduated from CSU Sacramento, thinking that I would continue on into the world of teaching.  My direction for teaching has shifted - from working within the context of the schools to working with those who want to learn about firearms. I find myself in a most fortunate position to follow my passion for teaching in a field that I enjoy - firearms!  I am now an NRA and TWAW (The Well Armed Women) Certified Instructor as well as a Co-Leader of the TWAW Sacramento chapter. My main focus as an instructor is Basic Pistol & Marksmanship, Intermediate, Personal Protection in the home, Concealed Carry Weapons-Range Review, as well as 1:1, women only, and private small group classes. Each class includes classroom time, more so than others, but you spend a good amount of time in the range applying and practicing the new concepts you just learned.  Shooting is a discipline that requires patience and focus. It is my goal to help shooters, both new and experienced, feel confident in their skills, to increase their knowledge, and to be, above all, safe in their gun handling. I look forward to working with you!


Company: The Gun Range
Title: Instructor


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