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The JRC 9MM is a semiautomatic pistol that utilizes standard Glock magazines. This gun is created utilizing a simple operation that incorporates an AR-style. You can easily convert it to the left or the right side for ejection. The fore-end is free-floating and it contains a quad rail fore-end.



The fact that the JRC 9mm utilizes Glock magazines provides the user with a simple and seamless operation for both a handgun or a rifle. It also means that you are only carrying one type of magazine style. This means that you will save room and will never have to worry about going through the task of packing numerous different calibers of ammo. The bolt for this gun is ambidextrous. This means that it can be used by individuals who are right or left handed; making the JRC 9MM one of the most versatile guns you can find. The straight blowback operation increases the reliability of the gun and ensures that the user can be confident that the gun will perform well in even the harshest conditions.


The quad rail fore-end is free floating. The receiver contains a Picatinny rail and this rifle contains AR-15 trigger components and furniture. This means that the JRC 9MM functions almost identical to an AR 15. You can take the M4 six-position stock and buffer tube and swap it with any type of buttstock that is M4 compatible. The trigger housing, the receiver, and the magazine are all created using aluminum and are finished with a black anodized finish. This gun is light weight and easy to use and the barrel is around 16”.


Testing It Out

The JRC 9MM is created with the user in mind. This gun is extremely reliable and you can count on it to work when you need it to. It is also versatile and can be used by a number of users. Finally, it is durable, which means it will last you a long time.

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