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Kimber SS 9MM


It’s particularly easy to see the quality and artisan craft of Kimber in the SS 9MM. Regarding finish, it goes without saying that there are a bit more things to ask, but there are quite a lot of other perks which give the gun a top notch appeal and feel. The design is particularly simple and clear and rather elegant. It is odd for us to enjoy even though we do, given the fact that this is a design which is older than 100 years. It is a gun that features an exterior that has stood the test of time, and it has done so brilliantly.



The first thing that’s going to make an impression to anyone with some shooting experience is the real accuracy of the gun. It’s deadly accurate – that’s enough said. The ergonomics are flawless and traditional, so if you’ve used another Government Model 1911, you will fall in love with it. When it comes to the trigger – it’s crisp while the recoil is reasonable, to say the least. The control is also incredibly, so you are guaranteed to have a good time while shooting it. However, you would have to break it in a bit – the first 200 shots might be a bit questionable, but after that, it becomes almost perfect.


Test It Out

We’ve guns which we will use and those that aren’t – in any case, you can experience the authentic feeling of handling and shooting the Kimber SS 9MM for the first time. It is important if you are to make a properly informed decision so make sure to have it under consideration. Our store features state of the art guns so if you don’t like this one; you can quickly try and find something which is more like what you look.

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