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Kimber Tact II


If you have been to the local gun emporium recently, you might have noticed an individual problem – a lot of models are lacking, and the store owners don’t have them in store. It is particularly the case for Kimber models. The reason, however, is rather enviable – they are just selling them a lot faster than they can manufacture them. The Kimber Tactical II is one of the examples – it’s a quality gun which just sells like crazy.



The first thing that you will notice about the Kimber Tactical II model is the amazing and rather awesome sights. There are important as well as Tritium sights which are about at least twice as big as the size of those used on other guns. Some of the exciting features include flared as well as lowered ejection port, match-grade barrel, beavertail grip safety as well as ambi-thumb safety on top of it. All in all, it is a well-rounded gun, to say the least. They design the grips by laminating it with double-diamond materials. They have the Kimber logo engraved. The trigger is particularly convenient, and it’s surely amongst the most comprehensive ones to pull. They made it out of Aluminum match grade, and they placed factory setting at 4 to 5 pounds. Of course, this is adjustable.


Test It Out

Before proceeding with the purchase, even though you will not regret it if you went through with it right now, it is important that you test the gun out. Feel free to give us a call so that you can come to our venue and try it out. If you don’t feel like this is the gun for you, it’s not hard to pick something else as we have a significant abundance of models that you might be interested.

Call (916) 972-1484 for more info​.

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