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Now, it goes without saying that the Kimber Ultra Carry II is a rather light-weight as well as a compact 1911 with a three-inch barrel gun. What is more, it delivers splendid and state of the art accuracy which is hard to compare. The combination of the perfect design with the prominent .45 auto caliber makes the Ultra Carry II an excellent choice for a range of users. It’s also worth noting that the gun rocks the steel slide and the stainless steel frame entirely. Even they made it out of steel; it weighs around 25 ounces when not loaded.



The gun is big enough to provide you with that much-needed sensation of certainty when you wrap your hands around a solid pistol. At the same time, it’s also conveniently compact to provide utility. The magazine holds seven rounds, and the chamber contains one for a total of eight. The gun operates flawlessly with any ammunition. The accuracy also proves to be particularly exceptional, which you can determine after extensive testing. Now, it’s also worth noting that even though it’s rather compact, the Ultra Carry II is far from being a pocket gun. You need a waistband holster or a regular one to keep it on your hip.


Test It Out

You can come at our venue to check the pistol out before you make any conclusive decision. Even though it’s undoubtedly amongst the best options on the market, it’s worth taking a few shots and feeling the gun in your hand. It could be a game-changer when you choose your weapon, and it’s imperative to ensure that all can be handled as per the highest industry standards. What is more, you can test other guns if you don’t feel like this is the one.

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