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The KRISS Vector is actually a family of weapons that are based on a submachine gun design. These guns use a blowback system and combine it with an in-line design that is aimed at reducing the perceived recoil and muzzle climb. The action of the Vector utilizes the KRISS Super V System. This system is an extremely articulated mechanism that allows both the bolt and an inertia block to move down. These things move into a recess that is located behind the magazine well. The thought behind this technology is the when the travel comes to the end, energy will not be transmitted rearward. Instead, it will be transmitted downward and reduce the amount of recoil that is felt.



There are many variants of KRISS VECTOR guns. These are tactical guns that began being produced in 2009 and were designed back in 2006. These guns are American made. The weight, length, and barrel length vary based on the type of gun. They type of cartridge is either .45 ACP, 9x19mm, or 10mm. These guns are delayed blowback and closed bolt. The only civilian models that are made are semi-automatic and can fire a range of 55 yards.


Testing It Out

These guns are created in order to be extremely durable for the user. They are also designed the same way that tactical weapons used by the police and military are designed. They are made to be user-friendly with all the safety features you expect a civilian gun to have. They are reliable as well and will last for a long while. The barrel axis of these guns is in line with the shoulder when firing, but are also able to stay in line with the hand of the shooter. The idea behind this is that it will reduce the muzzle climb when it is combined with the off-axis bolt travel.

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