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New Proposed Changes to Gun Laws For Safer Schools

After the Florida shooting, much has been said about the need for stricter background checks when purchasing firearms and other laws to deter the mass worry that school shootings could happen again.

United States President Donald Trump has called for a modification to gun laws that is more modest than his previous feelings on the topic. The new plan will aim to provide more data for those that sell guns. A new data system has been proposed that will list all individuals who don’t qualify for gun purchasing. If the new system is in acted it may drastically change how purchasing a firearm is conducted. The proposed changes with the addition of a new data system are expected to pass quickly in Congress, barring any obstructions.

Guns at SchoolTalks have come from both sides, and many solutions have been surfacing as to how to prevent those that shouldn’t have guns from obtaining them. The Justice Department has made grants available to States, for those that wish to instruct teachers how to carry weapons in school. This is perhaps one of the best compromises found, to guard against shootings and enable a safer environment for all students. Giving teachers the ability to carry guns in school could ultimately deter school shootings and have protection directly in the classroom. Trump is an avid supporter of this move for better safety for schools across the nation.

Additional changes have been discussed for gun purchases including raising the minimum age. As of right now 18 is the minimum age in which an individual can purchase, the new purposed age of 21 has become a hot topic. However, Republicans maintain that restricting the age to 21 is a clear infringement on the Second Amendment.

Those with mental illnesses and ability to purchase guns has also been up for discussion with the proposed changes. President Trump has insisted that there needs to be a better way to screen, to prevent ownership from mentally unwell individuals. Any changes to be made with this particular law have yet to seriously been addressed, rather merely been discussed.

A commission led by the Education Secretary Betsy Devos will investigate several different ideas that can benefit every side of the argument including increasing the minimum age and requiring stringent background checks when buying from a gun show. Only time will tell how these gun law changes will affect the ability to purchase, and whether it will be more difficult for those that are legally able to buy.



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