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P 2380 HD


It is without a doubt a convenient choice that you can take advantage of as your everyday carry. It is manufactured by no other but Sig Sauer, and it’s a gun that is a worthwhile purchase. The P2380 HD boasts everything that you might expect it to provide and it’s an excellent choice, regardless of what you are looking. They designate it as a concealable firearm, and it fulfills this purpose tremendously well.



Of course, before you jump to conclusions, it is vital to understand all the variables surrounding the gun. The caliber of this one is .380 ACP. The gun is a single action only model. It means that the gun is only going to fire with the hammer, especially when you place it in a cocked position. Some people prefer this particular mechanic. It is mainly because it does make shooting a lot less inclusive.

It’s also particularly convenient. All you want to do is to flip the slide safety, and you can shoot at will. For the sake of being completely objective, it’s also important to note that the security might feel a bit stiff at first when you purchase it brand new from the shop. Unload the gun and play with it a bit to break it off – you will not have this issue after you’ve done so.


Test It Out

Purchasing a gun without trying it out is essentially like getting a new vehicle without driving it first. You should go ahead and fire a few rounds. We are here to provide you with this opportunity. Do not delay to give us a call – we can arrange a test shooting for free. And, if you feel like that this is not the gun for you, we have tons of others that you can try.

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