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Remington 870 12GA and 20 GA


This pump gun provides you with the same no-nonsense exterior of the Remington model 870 Express. However, beneath this exterior, you’ll find the precision, quality, and precision of a Remington 870 Wingmaster at a cheaper price. All Model 870 shotguns feature a receiver that is made of solid steel in order to provide the owner with as much strength and durability as possible. The twin action bars are silky-smooth and prevent the occurrence of binding and twisting, ensuring you will always get the chance to make a second shot. Each of these shotguns includes a non-reflective black matte metalwork ensuring that is dressed well for hunting season.


The fore-end and laminate stock contain no frills. Both the 12 and 20 gauge models come with the choice of either a 26 or 28-inch barrel. Each barrel contains modified Rem Choke and both models have a single bead sight. This is one of America’s favorite shotguns because of its dependability. The design for the Remington 870 is continuously evolving. This shotgun is superior to many other models when it comes to the durability, versatility, and the astounding pointing characteristics included. For more than sixty years, the Remington Model 870 has been providing the standard when it comes to slide-action performance.
There are many features to this gun. First, the gun comes with either a 26” or a 28” bead sighted barrel. Second, the barrel and the receiver of the shotgun contain a standard express finish. The gun is able to shoot both 2 ¾” shells and 3” shells. The receiver is made of solid steel, providing the owner with not only increased durability but maximum strength as well. The twin action bars are smooth and prevent the occurrence of binding and twisting which also increases the strength and reliability of the gun.

Testing It Out

The Remington 870 comes in both a 12 and 20-gauge version.

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