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Remington 887 Nitro


The Remington 887 Nitro is a 12-gauge shotgun that is by far one of the most durable guns in the world. This gun was created by the same company that created the model 870, the best-selling shotgun ever. The 887 Nitro is a warrior that can provide excellent performance even in the harshest conditions.



This gun was constructed based on the design of the model 870 and was created to be both ultra-smooth and extremely reliable. The inclusion of a rugged ArmorLokt coating keeps rust from occurring on any of the exterior services, ensuring that the exterior of the gun remains smooth. The felt recoil is reduced as much as 54% thanks to the SuperCell recoil pad. This is the softest shooting pump shotgun that Remington has ever created. The balance for this gun is outstanding. You can enjoy the natural pointing characteristics as you aim the gun and get ready to fire. 12 gauge 2 ¾”, 3’, and 31/2” loads can be handled by the 887 nitro interchangeably. There is even a 2-shot magazine extension.


The gun also includes integral Picatinny rails with its barrel clamp. This means that you can mount your accessories, such as a flashlight, to the gun itself. The fore-end contains special grip panels to ensure that you have an easy grip on the gun. This also ensure that the handling of the gun is comfortable for the owner. The 887 also includes a rugged synthetic stock. The 18 ½” barrel comes with a solid rib and includes Hi-Viz front sight. The sling swivel studs are built into the gun. The 887 Nitro also includes an extended tactical RemChoke.


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The receiver and barrel of the gun are coated with ArmorLokt in order to increase the durability of the gun and keep the rust far away.

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