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Rossi shotguns are known to utilize the single shot break open breech design that is timeless. They are known to utilize the timeless design in combination with the most up to date safety features in order to ensure the safety of the user and to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Rossi shotguns come with a spur hammer transfer bar safety action. They also include an integral linkage system. When the hammer is cocked, the integral linking system keeps the action from coming open or closing. The safety functions included with these weapons make them ideal for beginners. This means they are perfect for youths that are just learning to shoot. The smaller and lighter models come with a shortened stock and barrel, making them even better for the beginner youth.



The 410-gauge single shot shotgun comes with a barrel length of around 18 inches. They are constructed using steel and have a blued finish included as well. There is a front sight also included. These guns are easy to use and easy to maneuver. They are created with the beginner in mind. All of them have safety features in order to prevent unwanted accidents from occurring. They are constructed in order to be extremely durable. This means that they are created to last a long time. They are also extremely versatile, meaning that there is a wide range of users that can use them. The Rossi 410 is perfect for beginners. These guns are also reliable, meaning that they are going to fire when you want them to fire.


Testing It Out

Any time that you are using a gun, especially when you are first learning how, the importance of safety features cannot be underestimated. These guns are lightweight and easy to handle. They are made to last a long time and are easy to use.

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