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Ruger LCR is a weird gun. That’s pretty much the summary of this weapon. However, this is always a matter of personal interpretation, so let’s get technical. The gun is partially polymer, and it’s all finished in black color. It has a Spartan appeal, and it certainly lacks the unique grace of a steel revolver. However, the fit, as well as the finish of the gun, are particularly functional when it comes to it. Holster for the weapon won’t be an issue as the defense is, well, slightly unorthodox, to say the least.



Let’s have a look at the stories and the specs of the model. Right off the bat, this is a .9 mm caliber which is to be expected. It’s almost as if the entire exterior points it out. However, the barrel is 1.87 inches, and the overall length is 6.5 inches. For a small gun of the kind, it’s rather substantial regarding weight – set at 17.2 ounces. The contents of the magazine are limited to 5 rounds which are also something that you might expect. It’s rather expensive in comparison, but that’s usually standard for guns which are slightly out of the ordinary.


Test It Out

It’s impossible to get an impression of this particular gun without firing it out. It is why you should pay us a visit to try it out. Holding it in your hands is going to provide you with the necessary feel, and you can determine whether it’s the one or not. The truth is that buying a new gun is a challenging undertaking and going in blind without trying the unit out is something that you want to refrain. With this in mind, the Ruger LCR might be what you look for, but it’s important to test it out first.

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