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To all of the gun aficionados all there Ruger & Co. is without a doubt no stranger on the market. It is particularly the case when it comes to the .22 niche. The corporate coming was back in 1949. The company has been selling a range of different variations of the standard Ruger pistols for quite some time now – over six decades. The newest Smurf model of the company is the SR22. It has nothing in common with the remaining models of the company, except from the DA/SA .22 action. So, with aforementioned in mind, let’s have an in-depth look.



It is a gun which looks a lot like a standard pistol, and it’s hard to tell that it’s a space gun. The dusky beauty of the unit is sexy in a rather odd and diminutive way. Despite its small and tiny size, the SR22 features controls which have definitively free surface areas. What is more, it offers high tactical feedback. Handling the gun is a breeze, to say the least. The finish is black and anodized, and the action comes with de-cocking safety and double and single action. There is a wind age and elevation adjustable back of the gun as well as an insert which is also reversible for lefties to benefit. All in all, it goes without saying that this is the full package.


Test It Out

You can give us a call and pay a visit to test out the unit conveniently. It is going to provide you with a final appeal and impression of what it feels like to handle and shoot with this gun. Only then can you determine whether or not this is the gun for you. Do not hesitate to reach us and come to test the weapon.

Call (916) 972-1484 for more info​.

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