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Rules & Prices – Everything You Need to Know Before Coming to The Gun Range

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If you are eager to try your firearm skills in California, you probably won’t find a better place for that than The Gun Range indoor shooting facility. Aside from providing all the necessary conditions and the best possible prices, this facility also keeps the safety of the visitors as their primary concern. In this article, we will cover the rules you need to be familiar with when coming to the range, as well as particular fees for this facility.

Facility’s Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are crucial when dealing with firearms and running a shooting facility, which is why the Gun Range has a set of guidelines that you have to follow whenever you visit. Most of the rules are expected, such as those that you need to wear ear and eye protection and you mustn’t take it off while you are at the range.

Do Not Cross The Line Instruction

Pay attention to the red line as you may not cross it at any point. This is for your own safety and, if you need to reach any item that has gone beyond the red line, you need to contact the staff to help you. Pointing the firearms down range in the booth and barrels up in the facility is another rule to follow, and you can’t take jammed or loaded firearms in the lobby. When in the booth, you should know that only one person may join you, but they have to be a non-shooter. You also need to make sure to stick to your lane when shooting.

It is important to be aware of and follow all the rules while you are in the facility, which is why we recommend you to carefully read them here.

Safety Questionnaire

Aside from complying with the rules, any first-time visitor is required to complete the Gun Range safety questionnaire. The only reason that the facility is asking you for this information is to keep the safety of all visitors at the highest possible level. The questionnaire is used to know more about your experience and knowledge of firearms, as well as to verify your identity.

The Gun Range is aware of the sensitivity of the information the user provides, which is why the facility also agrees to a confidentiality agreement, which means the data will be stored in secret and no info will be shared with third parties.

The questions that you may expect in the questionnaire include personal information and your shooting experience, as well as safety-related inquiries about your health and prior convictions. You are expected to answer these questions honestly in order to keep you and other visitors of the range safe. You can check out the questionnaire here and our advice is to carefully read and answer everything before you sign.

Prices & Rental Firearm Info

This section might be what most interested you, which is why we saved in for the end. Each person coming to the facility needs to pay $17 range fee, but this has an amazing twist – for that cost, you can spend as much time as you want at the range. If you want to shoot at silhouettes, each of them will cost you $1. You can also rent protection for eyes and ears, as well as earplugs.

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You can bring your own firearms, but the Gun Range also offers an option to rent handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The firearms available for renting include Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Glock, Remington, AKS, and others. Renting a handgun will cost you $12, while a shotgun/rifle rent is charged $20, and all models are subject to availability.

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