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Gunsmithing Services

At The Gun Range, our commitment to the provision of exceptional customer service and support goes well beyond that of our competitors’ services. The Gun Range Gunsmith shop offers a full range of general gunsmith services in addition to sights/ optics installation, cleaning and maintenance, trigger work, AR-15 Assembly/ Reassembly/ Repair, general gun repair, and much more besides.

We cater to all types of firearms, irrespective make or model. Ian, Justin and Don have the experience that leads the industry and it makes it easy for us to guarantee the work we do for you.

Our shop is located at 3479 Orange Grove Avenue, North Highlands, CA 95660.

Sights / Optics Installation

Among our most popular service fulfillments is that of installing aftermarket sights on pistols and scope mounting. Our gunsmiths will suggest the optimal mounting system to fit in with your requirements and budget, quickly and efficiently mount your scope and lap rings in order to ensure correct alignment, then optically boresight your laser sight, scope, or red dot.

Upon request, we will test your firearm so as to confirm the sight zero together with your choice of ammunition in our indoor range. We also provide a quick turn-around on professional installation and any necessary adjustment of aftermarket sights on the most popular brands of semi-automatic pistols including: FN, CZ, Smith & Wesson, Glock, HK, Walther, Sig Sauer, and Springfield Armory.

Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like a car, your firearms require regular maintenance and servicing in order to perform reliably and with accuracy. Preventative maintenance such as frequent inspection of those areas prone to wear and tear, proper lubrication, and spring replacement will help to prevent costly repairs at a later date.

Our gunsmiths are intimately versant with the operational mechanics of almost every firearm and understand exactly what is necessary in order to keep them functioning at peak performance. From the basics of a field strip and bench cleaning to a far more detailed ultrasonic deep cleansing, armorer level disassembly, and individual inspection of each part, we possess the know-how and correct equipment to professionally cleanse your firearm and return it to you promptly.

As an additional service, we also offer personal tutorials for anyone who wishes to learn how to professionally disassemble, cleanse, lubricate, and then reassemble their firearm.

Trigger Work

The most important interface between firearm and shooter is the trigger. An otherwise excellent firearm that has a gritty, heavy, or slightly inconsistent trigger pull is nigh-on impossible to shoot with continued accuracy even for those who have an abundance of experience.

From spring tuning and basic polishing to the installment of aftermarket trigger systems, the trigger can be adjusted in such a way as to remove grit and creep, reset, shorten take up, decrease pull weight, over-travel distance, and generally improve the overall consistency from pull to pull.

The Gun Range gunsmiths will consult with you whereby they will set your trigger to a pull that is not only reliable but also safe with respect to your specific firearm, the application, and also your particular experience level.

AR-15 Assembly/ Reassembly/ Repair

We know that your AR-15 is especially precious to you and thus we offer a top-class assembly, reassembly and repair service to our AR-15 customers.

Included in our AR-15 package is the following:

  • Switching barrels
  • Customizing your rifle to suit your specific requirements
  • Professional gun cleaning
  • Stock repair, refinishing, and building
  • Metal finishing
  • Re-barreling
  • Scope and sight installation
  • Bore sighting

General Gun Repair

The Gun Range offers our customers a substantial range of general firearms restoration and repair services. Our gunsmiths come with extensive experience in the trade and we are fully conversant with the servicing of any type of firearm, and almost any make or model.

When a firearm arrives in our shop and requires either minor or extensive repairs, we go well above and beyond the basic services. It’s true to say that the fine work we do in order to ensure that every firearm is fully functional and precise in its capabilities has served to guarantee our ongoing success here at The Gun Range.

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Other Gunsmith Services We Offer

We offer a plethora of gunsmith services to suit almost every requirement.
Below is a comprehensive list of our services:

Clean & Oil

  • Semiauto Revolver
  • Longun-bolt action
  • Semiauto longun
  • Double barrel firearms

Assembly/ Reassembly

  • AR-15 LOWER
  • AR-15 UPPER
  • Complete AR-15

Shotgun Work

  • Long Forcing Cone
  • Re-solder Rib
  • Re-solder Fore-end Lug
  • Polish Chamber
  • Open/ Modify Choke

Sight Work

  • Glock
  • XD, SIG, M&P, 1911
  • 1911 Staked Sights
  • Sight-in Customer Gun
  • Bore Sighting
  • Drill & Tap per sight hole
  • Cut dovetail fright sight ramp
  • Install front or mid-rib bead
  • Scope Mount
  • Lap Rings

General Barrel Action Rifle Work

  • Check Headspace
  • Manufacture Chamber Cast
  • Cut and Crown Barrel
  • Chamber and Fit Barrel to Action
  • Install Pre-threaded and Chambered Barrel
  • Weld on Bolt Handle
  • Install Threaded Bolt Knob
  • Install Threaded Muzzle Break
  • Install Threaded Muzzle Break/ index
  • Pin and Weld Muzzle Break

Handgun Work/ 1911

  • Revolver Action Job
  • Re-barrel Revolver
  • Timing
  • End-shake
  • Removal/ Modify
  • Semi Auto Action Job
  • Fit Barrel to 1911
  • Fit Barrel Bushing 1911
  • Open and Mod 1911 Injection Port
  • Throat, Polish, Feed 1911
  • Fit New Trigger or Safety 1911
  • Cut Slide for Dovetail Front
  • Cut Slide Novak Rear
  • Install Stake Front 1911
  • Modify 1911 Beavertail Safety

Metal Finishing

  • Rebluing Matte Complete
  • Rebluing Polish Complete
  • Rebluing High Polish Complete
  • Parkerizing Complete

Wood Work

  • Oil Finish Unfilled
  • Oil Finish Filled
  • Re-cutting/ Cutting Checkering
  • Glass Bedding Barrel/ Action (hunting rifle)
  • Pillar Bed
  • Install Recoil Pad
  • Install Adjustable Butt Plate

Trigger Work

  • Trigger Job
  • Install Adjustable Trigger