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The truth is that Americans love guns manufactured by their country and even though the Springfield company makes its products in Croatia, they have proven to be American enough to realize that they need a .45 ACP to conveniently seal its reputation. There are quite a few things that you will notice in the SAI XD45. From low chamber pressure, light recoil and incredibly low muzzle blast to reliable penetration and deep wound channel, there isn’t much to dislike when it comes to it. However, let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the specifications of the gun.



Much like other XD models, the XD45 comes in a waterproof Pelican case, and it has all of the conventional XD Gear perks. These feature two magazines, a magazine holder, and re-loader as well as a lock and a holster. When it comes to the size, the XD45 is almost the same size as the previous XDm40. The ergonomics of the gun are far from being flawless, but upon closer inspection, you will note that there isn’t much that can be done about them anyways. The grip angle seems convenient enough even though some people find it slightly inconvenient.


Test It Out

If you feel like this is the gun that you want to own, do not hesitate to come over and try it out. The Springfield SAI XD45 is without a doubt one of the guns that you need to feel to determine whether you want to purchase it or not. It’s a convenient option. It’s one of the best options for personal carry as well as for home defense and even for mild competition applications. Do not think twice about trying it out and make sure to give it a go.

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