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Now, when you first take a look at it, the Springfield SAI XD9 resembles its close Austrian counterpart. The X-treme Duty 9x19mm, also commonly referred to as the XD9 is a striker-fired, short recoil and polymer-framed pistol which has a safety and a rail which are both trigger-mounted to facilitate the overall mounting of different tactical operations. Upon closer examination, you will see that the pistol has taken the Glock production a step further.



Now, the XD9 features a grip safety as well as a steel recoil spring guide. For all of the southpaws, you can rest assured that it also comes with ambidextrous magazine release controls. Not like the Glock, the XD9 comes with a loaded chamber indicator as well as a cock. The operator is also capable of ascertaining the readiness of the gun – both by feel or visually, depending on your personal preference.


Furthermore, the XD9 Also comes with a front as well as rear cocking serrations which you can conveniently locate on the slide of the gun. The front texturing is generous, to say the least, and the sides and back strap on the grip to provide perfect control in conditions which aren’t optimal. It is a point in the pros column.


Test It Out

Of course, before you make a final decision, it is highly advisable that you go ahead and try the gun for yourself. It is incredibly necessary to ensure that you will be able to handle everything properly and that you feel comfortable holding and using the gun. While it does come with a lot of perks, it’s also critical to make sure that you have a good feeling while using it – this is going to make sure that everything is as up to the highest industry standards. You can give us a call and come in to test it out.

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