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SIG 1911-22


The first thing that you must to know about this particular model of Sig Sauer is that they manufacture this gun type in Germany. If there is one thing which breeds reliability as much as the manufacturer, that is when the product is German made. It is an all metal gun with the sole exception of the wood grips. The hammer, slide stop, barrel bushing and the barrel itself, as well as a range of internal components, are all made out of steel. The slide, thumb safety, frame, trigger and the grip safety, as well as the magazine, are made out of first non-ferrous metal. The finish of the gun is matte black and rather dull.



It is, of course, a perfect, well-rounded pistol. The assembly and the manufacture are particularly careful, and that is evident upon close inspection. The gun is designated and does operate exactly as a center fire 1911 pistol. The product is receiving excellent compliments by the fact that it features the same control layout. What is more, it is designated to represent an improved 1911-A1 which comes with an extended thumb safety, basic beavertail grip safety as well as a loop style burr hammer. The reach is also rather long which attributes for proper control.


Test It Out

Of course, it’s utterly unthinkable actually to buy a gun without first testing it out. It is the main reason for which you should consider coming to our venue and trying the SIG 1911-22 in your hands. If you have some hesitations or jitters about purchasing the gun, there is nothing for you to do but actually to try it out. If this doesn’t help you make up your mind, you can always try out and take a look at our abundance of different guns – you will most certainly find something convenient.

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