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SIG 2022


It’s worth noting that the SIG SP2022, also commonly referred to like the SIG Pro 2022, was Sig Sauer’s answer to the PAMAS handgun. Even though the pistol might look notably different than the P226 on the outside, the truth is that there is a great resemblance on the inside. The guns’ functionality is pretty much identical when it comes to the sensation of the trigger pull as well as the mechanics of the single and double action. The shape of the grip is also particularly convenient. The general design of the slide, as well as the extractor, are particularly characteristic for SIG cues and that’s rather obvious.



The first thing that all of the SIG aficionados are certainly going to notice is the grip of the SIG 2022. They will make it out from plastic. Why the handle made out of polymer might not be as strong as steel, there is no need to worry as breaking it is completely out of the question. However, the usage of the polymer does bring another convenient advantage – the gun is mainly lighter, hence perfect for everyday carry. The remaining components of the gun are, of course, made out of steel. The gun doesn’t come with P226’s full-length rails, but if you aren’t aiming at special operations, that’s not something that you need.


Test It Out

Do not hesitate to come at our venue and check the gun out. It is going to provide you with a final clue of how it feels to hold and fire the SIG 2022. You shouldn’t even consider finalizing the purchase before you’ve done so. Of course, it might not feel like the gun for you. If that’s the case, you can conveniently take a look at a range of other options that we have on display.

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